Thursday, January 10, 2013

♥ surat chenta ♥

Posted by annapeje at Thursday, January 10, 2013

Good day Teacher Sara,

I’ve a few inquiries regarding my son progression:
1.       Is Aqil crying during class session and is he behaves politely?
2.       For these weeks, is he able to catch up for the learning activity?
3.       On Tuesday, Aqil forgot to finish up his homework due to we miss look at Bahasa Malaysia book, May I know is there any action or punishment for not doing his homework?

Mummy Aqil

2 love aqil&arfa:

Nurhayati said...

awat tak jumpa teacher dia terus..
face to face senang. kalau tulis bole tulis ayat sedapkan hati heehehe.. kalau ada pukulpun, xkan nak bgtau kan :)

annapeje said...

crisdale camtue la yati dia akan bg buku tuk apa2 sbrg pertanyaan kita kene letak surat dlm buku pg td peje dah kol huhu


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